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Semirog Law Firm, pllc is a personal injury and auto accidents law firm located in Charlotte and Matthews, North Carolina.   We are committed to providing quality legal services in a dedicated and cost-effective manner to all members of our community, regardless of race, gender, or national origin.

We have handled complicated litigation in the areas of personal injury, car wrecks, truck accidents, family and business law.  In addition, we have experience in real estate law and short-sale negotiations.

We offer standard and flexible billing arrangements for our clients, such as flat fee billing, hourly billing, and contingency fee billing depending on the type of legal matter.

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Short Sales in North Carolina

Read here about short sales in the Carolinas and the Charlotte region. Short Sale Attorney in Charlotte North Carolina and Matthews North Carolina.  

Read about the recent trends and how the number of short sale transactions has grown in the North and South Carolina.  Let experienced attorneys handle your short sale.  Avoid so called short sale processors or real estate agents who are clueless when it comes to the short sale regulations.

In a short sale, homeowners sell at a market price which is often less than what they owe the bank, and the bank agrees to absorb and write off the loss.

 According to Charlotte Observer as of December of 2012:

Short sales of homes – where the seller owes more than the home is worth – have surged this year in the Carolinas, driven by interest from investors, a streamlined process and an expiring U.S. tax credit.

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The article goes on to say that:

Short sales were once notorious for being complicated and time consuming. But lenders have streamlined the process, and the public has become more educated about the process.

Read more here 

More and more homeowners in Carolinas are choosing the short sale option, which is by far a better alternative to a foreclosure and a lot more forgiving on your credit history.  This trend is not unique to the Carolinas.  According to RealtyTrac, there were nearly three times as many short sales as there were sales of foreclosed homes in 2012.

Another reason why short sale is a better alternative to many, is that homeowners now qualify for a $ 3,000 relocation assistance from the government. This money can make a tremendous difference in someone's life.


At Semirog Law we have worked with many banks and have negotiated many short sales for countless happy clients.   

  • We work with many real estate agents to provide you with a comparative market analysis to determine a realistic selling price of your home.
  • We will arrange for you home to be properly marketed and sold!
  • We will communicate with your lender regularly to expedite the process.
  • We will assist you with the short-sale package which is required by your lender (or lenders) for approval.
  • Finally, we will assist you with writing the hardship letter which lenders require with the contract

The short sale process is a lengthy one and requires diligence, patience and legal expertise.  It can take from two to four months or even longer to receive a response from the lender.  There are tax, HOA and other liens that need to be negotiated.  There are judgments that need to be dealt with.  

We do not ever charge our clients for our short sale services.  Our fees are always paid by the lenders and we do not get paid until and unless we successfully negotiate your short sale.  

Let experienced attorneys handle your short sale transaction.  Do not turn to so called "short sale processors" or real estate agents the majority of whom are not familiar with the process and can jeopardize your situation and cause you unnecessary harm and delays.

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